Gulf Coast Galgos, Inc.
About Gulf Coast Galgos Inc

Gulf Coast Galgos, Inc
. is a nonprofit 501c3 organization dedicated to facilitating adoptions of the Spanish Galgo in the United States. We work closely with Charlotte del Rio of 112 Carlota Galgos in Malaga, Spain to find homes for rescued galgos. We are committed to educating the public about their plight.

The Galgo Espanol or Spanish greyhound is an ancient breed of dog and a member of the sighthound group. Their name is derived from a tribe of Celts known as the Gauls who lived on the Iberian Peninsula from 400-600 BC. Galgos are used to hunt hares in Spain. When the hunting season is over, and the dogs are no longer useful, they are abandoned. They are tortured, trashed, and abused. The numbers of abused dogs can reach over 50,000. The lucky ones are rescued by compassionate people like Charlotte del Rio of 112 Carlota Galgos where they are cared for and rehabilitated. Charlotte gets many of the most physically and emotionally traumatized dogs and performs miracles to restore their bodies and souls.

Galgos resemble greyhounds, but are higher in the rear than in the front and have flatter muscles. They are usually smaller and lighter in build, have longer tails and a streamlined head. They come in smooth and rough coat types and a variety of colors. The galgos also differ from greyhounds in that galgos are endurance runners as opposed to the greyhound sprinter. It is important to know that galgos require a different understanding than greyhounds. For those interested in crating their dogs, please know that crating is not appropriate
for galgos.

Galgos are calm, quiet, gentle, and laid back. Most are just happy to snooze for much of the day. Many, if not most, of them are cat safe and other dog friendly. They do well with respectful children. They can be shy, but warm up quickly.

  • Adoption is the best way to help. A loving home is the greatest gift to these gentle souls.
  • Donations allow us to continue our mission to save the galgos. We are staffed by unpaid volunteers and rely totally on donations. Many of the dogs come to us injured and in dire need of costly medical care.
  • Donations of frequent flier miles or volunteering to be a flight patron to escort dogs from Spain to the US are greatly needed and appreciated.
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